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5 Facebook Advertising Tips to Increase Conversions

Facebook is getting more and more powerful each day!

The algorithm keeps on Improving,

The audience and customer database are increasing every day with billions of potential customers tracked with the algorithm.

The best of all of this is that you have the control to make the most out of the algorithm!

We want you to understand the full potential of this!

Here are the top 5 tips on Facebook advertising that will get you started to reach the success you desire.

1. Learn more about your clients

Okay, let's face it, making great Facebook ads without targeting the right audiences is not going to make the ads convert. Period.

Think about it.

If the UFC ran an ad for a fight targeting soccer moms, do you think the ad would work?

Certainly not.

The good thing is that Facebook targeting is certainly the champion of customer targeting.

The first thing to get a high converting Facebook ad is by using interest-based targeting for users.

With our service for Campaigns Review, we will take a look at your campaigns and show you how to target the right way.

2. Add video into your advertising strategy

We all can see the big growth of videos on Facebook.

Facebook even added a sperate section called "Watch" for this feature only.

The interesting thing is that video is accounted for only 3% of all content on Facebook.

The number is surprisingly low, correct?

But it also presents and opens great opportunities.

When you post high-quality video content to grab the low-hanging fruit many of your business competitors will miss out on.

3. Keep content short and clean

You have to figure out which audience age are you talking to.

Because new generations don't like to read much.

Writing 2-3 lines with click baits will do the work of grabbing the attention and getting more clicks on the ads.

4. Add Clear CTA Button

The average advertising click-through rate on Facebook is 0.9%

But when you add a CTA button the number increases 2.85 times!

Just think of how many clicks and traffic you have missed because of not taking advantage of that!

5. Create a super landing page

Even though this is not technically a part of your facebook ads, but it's still the most essential part of having a successful ad campaign.

Think about it.

If you have stumbled through a Facebook ad and you went through to the product page, and you didn't find it to be neat, not showing what the product is made from or not showing the product with high-quality photos.

would you invest time or money in the product?

Probably not.

That's why having a professional website landing page is as essential as creating the Facebook ad itself.

That's one secret for having high converting Facebook Ad with our service for Campaigns Review we can take a look at your landing page to check if it's good enough.

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  • Thank you Kate, indeed the most thing i have struggled with was the landing page and the content writing… it took me long long time to figure it out before finding out about this :)


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