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How Different Businesses Used Lead Generation To Get Clients FAST (In-Depth Case Study)

Today you're going to see how different types of businesses got clients FAST using our favorite marketing Strategy.

- ("NinjaLeads Method")

We will show you specifically how 8 business models used our services to get HUNDREDS of clients in days.

And some of these businesses didn't even launch Facebook ads before.

Let's dive right in.

  • Real Estate Business
  • Car Rental Business
  • Affiliate Marketing Business
  • Local Gym Business
  • Insurance Business
  • Keto Diet Business
  • Dental Business
  • Beauty Salon Business

Real Estate Lead Generation

Facebook advertising for real estate can work for:

  • Looking for property buyers
  • Looking for property sellers
  • Looking for real estate investors

Lead generation is a GREAT way to get more clients for a real estate business.


Simply because Facebook has a big user database with over 2.4 Billion users.

Making it the most popular social network worldwide.

Facebook Active Users

Source: (Number of active Facebook users)

Sure enough, this makes it easy for real estate Facebook ads to reach potential buyers at the exact right moment

Mario Inco Realtor reached out to us seeking help with their Facebook advertising.

With our Launch+ service, we were able to set up an ad that got these results within 3 days.

  • $0.41 Cost per lead
  • 94 Potential Buyers Leads

Real Estate Facebook Ads Lead Generation

Mario was so happy that he signed up for a monthly contract with us.

Lead generation using Facebook ads WILL open a lot of opportunities for your business.

A simple ad copy like this, with a perfect audience targeting, can work wonders.

Facebook ads Lead Generation Ad Copy

Car Rental Lead Generation

Facebook ads are an EASY way to get more clients to grow your Car Rental business.

All you need is a Facebook page and an ad account.

Facebook Car Rental Page

You will also need a good marketing strategy. 

Seriously. That's it.

Here's our data to back this up.

SocialStatista teamed up with USA Car Rentals to improve their Facebook marketing results, during the management we were able to get 71 new clients with cost per lead of $0.56

Facebook ads Lead Generation Car Rental Case Study

Running lead generation Facebook ads will also increase your page likes and your post reach.

Facebook Page Likes

Affiliate Marketing Lead Generation

Your ad creatives are HUGE.

After all, they're the first thing people will see when scrolling on Facebook.

Take this affiliate offer as an example:

We decreased the cost per lead for this business by 25% by simply updating the creatives.
Affiliate Marketing Lead Generation Case Study
This is a high ticket affiliate offer, the revenue generated from leads is worth $1,500...

We were able to reduce the ad spend and get more results at the same time.

Editing your ad copy text or your ad copy photo can improve your ad campaign's performance a lot.

This simple trick saved us around $3,000 on ad spend.

Gym Lead Generation

Advertising a gym is a trending thing amongst Influencers.

But, There's a cheaper way than paying $300 for a single post.

What's the method?

Lead Generation with Facebook ads.

When it comes to the gym niche Facebook ads are not super competitive (yet).

That's just for gyms of course.

Here's an example of a fitness challenge we promoted on Facebook.
Gym Facebook Ads Lead Generation ad copy
The results were more than the fitness trainer could take.
Lead Generation ad campaign results
57 New Interested Clients in just 4 days.

The cost per lead was $0.71.

Not bad.

All of this wouldn't have been possible without using our lead generation strategy.

Insurance Lead Generation

Lead generation using Facebook ads works for almost anything.

Yes. Even an insurance business.

We should point something out:

This is a very competitive business.

Big companies like "Geico" are spending thousands daily on ad campaigns.

This raises the competition in which means the cost per lead will get higher.

as long as the ad copy is good and the targeting is perfect you will still be able to outperform the competition.

Inusrance Facebook ads ad copy

This is what we did for an insurance agent.

Insurance lead generation Facebook ad campaign

Keto Diet Lead Generation

Want to get more leads for your keto diet business?

Try using meal photos.

We ran a test between two types of photos.

The first photo used was a simple keto diet meals.

Keto diet meal Facebook ads

The other photo tested was a comparison between the keto diet and a typical diet, this one was outsourced.

Keto diet comparison photo Facebook ads copy

When you take a look, you would think that the second photo would perform the best.

I mean it looks cleaner, isn't it?

Well. It didn't work.

Here're the results:

Lead Generation facebook ads campaign case study

  • 104 Leads generated using the meal photo
  • 22 leads generated using the comparison photo

The results are loud and clear.

Keto meal photos always knocked the other ad copies out.

Of course, this wouldn't work without a perfect audience targeting.

That's exactly what we did with our Facebook ads setup service.

Dental Facebook ads Lead Generation

Facebook ads can REALLY help you scale your dental business.

In fact, this can play 90% of your business growth.

and that's what NYC Emergency dentists did.

Dental Facebook page used for Facebook ads lead generation

Sure, they are providing service that solves a huge problem and they do that fast.

But their business wouldn't have done NEARLY as well without using Facebook ads.


You have to ask yourself, how can I start with Facebook ads?

Well, like any other business you have to start up from a good base.

And that would be by having a Facebook business page that shows all of your business details:

  • Your physical address
  • Contact information
  • Cost of your services
  • Scheduling option

after you have all of that set up on the page.

Your next step is to create your first ad.

Since your goal will be getting more clients to book your services.

Then, your campaign objective will Focus on lead generation.

We worked with NYC dentist to advertise their business on Facebook, and here're the results we were able to get for them:

Facebook ads ad campaign lead generation case study for dental business

  • Facebook ad spend $1,170
  • Number of Leads generated 47
  • Cost per lead was $25
  • The actual Value of leads $250

You can hire a video editor to create a video showcasing your service.

Or maybe hire a photo designer to create a professional photo.

That will showcase your service in a professional way.

This is what we did with them, here's a photo of the ad copy that we used.

Facebook ad copy for Dental business aimed for lead generation

One of the key ingredients for the success of the ads is the ad copy.

If you don't get it right.

You won't grab people's attention.

The cost of leads will go up and the number of leads will go down.


Beauty Salon Leads Generation

If you have a beauty salon and you don't use Facebook ads.

Then you may be missing on A LOT of things.

(It's easy)

Just create a Facebook business page & Instagram business account.

For the beauty niche, Instagram is essential.

Here's how to connect your Instagram to the Facebook business page, if you haven't done that already.

Connect Instagram account to your facebook business page

  1. Go to the business page settings.
  2. Choose (Instagram) from the left menu.
  3. Click on (Connect account)

That's it.


You have to decide what beauty service you want to promote.

Here's an example of a Facebook campaign we created to promote a beauty salon located in Mexico.

Beauty Salon facebook ads lead generation campaign results case study

The service they provided was a nail care service.

The objective of the campaign was to focus on getting more bookings for their service.

Here's the ad copy we created for them.

Nail salon facebook ad aimed for lead generation

This is the summary of the results:

  • 16 New bookings
  • the cost per lead was $0.63

That was pretty good for a first-ever Facebook ad campaign being created for this business.


Using Facebook ads to generate leads for any type of business is an important factor in the business's success.

Many businesses don't know that.

But now, you know what Facebook can do for your business.

And this applies to almost any type of business. really, whether you have a business from the one mentioned above or you could be a plumber, a wall painter, providing cleaning service, providing cable service, or any other service.

This WILL work for you.

You have to take action before the competition rises though.

And that's what we are here to help you with.

by providing these three services:

Be sure to not miss out on this.

The early bird catches the worm.


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