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The Brand New Way To Sell Products Online In 2020 For High Conversions

If you're an online marketer or a business owner think of this, how many times did you hear the word "Launch" or "funnel" in 2019?

The answer is probably A LOT..

And the reason for that is very obvious- These are the two top ways of selling products online in 2019.

We will explain the difference between the two strategies and how to use them to increase your Return on ad spend.

Product Launches Advertising Strategy:

This strategy can run into three parts of 7 days for each part.

Explaining the three parts of this method simply goes like, on the first 7 days it will be all about driving people's attention to your product with a pre-launch content.

The second advertising phase starts after that immediately and it also lasts for 7 days, the second part will be focusing mostly on changing the way you talk to people through the ads, from pre-launch awareness to opening day awareness.

In this part, you will open the product for sale and start receiving orders from people as much as you can.

By the end of the second phase, the last phase starts and lasts for 7 days with the third and last phase you will start telling your prospects that the product is only available at this price point for a week longer and that there're not many pieces/places left to order after that, and it will be expensive.

The difference about the Product launches strategy and the funnels is that funnels keep on going and going driving customers all the time while with product launches you can sell out your product very fast with the ads. The cons of this strategy are that doing product launch several times will exhaust your team, and your clients.

So, the question is how can we benefit from the product launch strategy and funnels and avoid the cons?

You can leverage both strategies by doing a 7-day awareness campaign driving all of the traffic into a single Big Idea content, which then drives to a relevant and urgent special offer or sale.

This is the ideal balance between the launch and funnels where it has the pros of being high reward, builds brand avoiding the high risks, the difficulties for testing and the low frequencies of the product launch method.

Pretty cool, right?

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Here're the steps on how to leverage both strategies:

  1. Think of a big idea content to publish.
  2. Create a video to explain the big idea
  3. Publish posts to Instagram and Facebook about it
  4. Add carousals, short posts, and long posts to explain it

The big idea content is supposed to give high-value for the audiences that are interested. This lets the audience accept the new reality and take a recommended action based on that.

The 3 ways to go for big idea content:

You can choose the either way of these three approaches to go about your big idea content:
  1. Offer a new discovery
  2. Write about a major change
  3. Write about massive Failure.

Keep in mind that big idea content is not a direct promotion or gated content.

What to do after the big idea content?

Once you have directed all of the traffic to the big idea content, the audiences will accept the new reality and take the recommended actions... The actions that YOU will recommend.

So what you got to do now is create several custom audiences based on the website visitors, and start running ads targeting those audiences by directing them to the sales page of the recommended solution for their problem.

You are in control of the flow of the audiences, doing the simple things right such as properly setting up the ad campaigns is crucial for the strategy's success you can check our services to help you with that.

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