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How to Create Powerful Facebook ads in 2021: The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Guide


Facebook advertising is certainly growing fast day by day with billions of users using every day you have a big opportunity for success and to reach your right audiences.

The Facebook algorithm, on the other hand, is getting harder for pages to grow organically every day. Facebook is trying to push page admins into advertising to grow their pages and fan base.

Facebook features a laser-targeting feature that would allow you to reach the exact audiences you want to reach if you know how to use it right!

as a Facebook advertiser, you have to learn the type of Facebook ads and how to use them right for your own benefit in 2020 with the latest Facebook targeting strategies and campaign creation.

Understanding all of the features and taking advantage of the platform can scale your business in days. If you need expert help to fix and review your Facebook ads click here.

There are two ways to advertise and showcase your product on Facebook:

Video Ads

Facebook algorithm is growing each day to figure out the best audiences and to generate desired results for you with the lowest costs possible.

Studies confirm the of visuals in remembering when it's used right. Using video ads can express the cause or the product you want to advertise the best way .

Image Ads

When te image ad is created and used the right to express your product or cause the benefit of it can be HUGE! You can create a powerful Facebook ad image that will SELL day after day and it will take months getting you constant results at a low cost per action on Facebook.

Your ad image must be relevant to the audience that you're targeting, irrelevant ads are a complete waste of time and money.

How to Choose The Right Facebook ads Objective:

Before you create an ad, first consider what your business goals are. This is an essential part of your advertising strategy. Facebook offers 11 campaign objectives that reach audiences on Facebook.

Brand Awareness: Increase people's awareness of your business, brand or service.

Reach: Show your ad to as many people as possible in your target audience.

Traffic: Send people from Facebook to any URL you choose, such as your website's landing page, a blog post, app etc.

Engagement: Reach people more likely to engage with your post. Engagement includes likes, comments and shares but can also include offers claimed from your page.

App Installs: Send people to the store where they can download your business's app.

Video Views: Share videos of your business with people on Facebook most likely to watch it.

Lead Generation: Collect leads for your business. Create ads that collect info from people interested in your product, such as sign-ups for newsletters.

Messages: Connect with people on Facebook, communicate with potential or existing customers to encourage interest in your business.

Conversions: Encourage people to take a specific action on your business's site, such as having them to add items to a cart, download your app, register for your site, or make a purchase.

Catalog Sales: Show products from your eCommerce store's catalog to generate sales.

Store Traffic: Promote your brick-and-mortar business locations to people that are nearby.

Defining Your Audiences: Facebook Targeting:

There're three methods to target users on Facebook through Facebook ads. Out of these three methods, the ads will only be shown to people who would most likely take action.

Method 1: Interest-Based Targeting:

You can target people based on their Location, Demographics, interests, behaviors or connections to your fans and followers.

Method 2: Custom Audience Targeting:

This method is powerful if it's used right, it will allow you to create custom audiences of people who interacted with your website, Facebook or Instagram page, having Facebook pixel is essential to retarget your website, visitors.

Method 3: Lookalike Audience Targeting:

With this method of targeting you will reach people who are similar to your current customers or custom audiences.

Understanding all of the features and taking advantage of the platform can scale your business in days. If you need expert help to fix and review your Facebook ads click here.

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