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The Horrifying 7 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Be Successful in 2021

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This may very well turn out to be the most important post you ever read on here.

What you're about to read is based on millions of dollars in split testing, hard work, and over 7 years in time.

These mistakes we found in almost every industry we've worked with. From Real Estate agents to credit repair agents, e-commerce businesses, local retail stores, to food delivery services, while these companies were from various industries, they often share common pitfalls.

Avoiding these simple mistakes that you will learn about have saved us more than $25,000,000 in ad spend in the different 600 niches we’ve worked with.

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Now it’s time to share what we discovered.

Fear Of Budget Loss & Shy Spending

If you’re just starting out then you probably can relate to this situation.

You don’t know what to do, and you’re just messing around with the ads manager.

You’re worried of starting off with high daily budget for your ads and lose all of your money in the process.

Now, we’re not just saying increase your budget without actually learning the basics of how Facebook marketing works! 

You MUST learn the basics of creating and managing your ad campaigns first.

Once you know the basics then you need to start off with high daily budget, why?

Well, because Facebook is a bidding platform, where there are THOUSANDS of business owners like you, trying to bid for the same audience you’re targeting!

And guess what? MOST of them have high daily ad budget… 

So, by the end of the day, they would have spent $1,000 and got at least 80 purchases. 

They basically stole all of the conversions from you, why is that? 

Because everytime you enter the bid for the person who would buy the product you will enter the bid with $1 and they will enter with $10 out of the total budget, and that’s why they will knock you off EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The Ancient Dilemma Of Manual Or Automatic Placements

You probably have been in this place before.

Just because you purchase stuff off Facebook’s marketplace you think limiting your ads to show only on the marketplace will get you the best results ever!

Unfortunately, that’s not how things work.

Especially if you’re just starting out then you should keep your ad placement set to “Automatic.”

I mean it’s very obvious, even Facebook recommends it.

There’s science behind choosing automatic placements option rather than the manual option and why the automatic would be best for your Facebook ads!

When you choose the automatic option, Facebook will show your ads across multiple placements, such as Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Newsfeeds… etc… 

Some placements would be cheaper than others when it comes to cost per 1000 Impression.

Facebook will show your ads to multiple segments of your audience across all of the placements.

These segments will interact with your ad for example on Instagram stories, the ad will have a very high click through rate when it starts on delivering.

But it will have a very low conversion rate.

On the other hand, the newsfeed would have a very low click through rate but a very high conversion rate.

Now, why is that?

The reason behind that, is that Facebook will use the “Instagram stories” (For example) to find the best segment within your audience who would interact with your landing page and then convert to purchase.

Then, it uses this data to show the ad on the placement where this segment usually hangs out the most and for example in this case that’s the “Newsfeed.”

So, even if people interact with your ads from other placements and they don’t eventually purchase your product don’t think that it’s a budget loss!

Because Facebook uses all of these placements to learn better what segment of your audience would purchase the product based on the interaction with the ad and then it will show it to the correct feed for the audience.

Trying to Fool People To Purchase Your Product With 0 Followers Profile

This especially applies for clothing or health and fitness brands on Instagram or Facebook.

You can ask yourself this question… Would you purchase something from a store that has 0 followers or supporters?

I know I wouldn’t… Because I won’t be trusting this business.

You need to grow your following base, and it’s best if you do it organically to increase the trust in your product or brand.

You need to have this social proof in order for your ads to work!

You MUST post regularly on the platforms where you customers hangs out the most, collaborate with Influencers to increase your brand awareness and your following base.

Have more offers or giveaways in exchange for following your profile.

We personally have found that having an organic following on the brands we manage increases the chances of showing the ads to right people within the targeted audiences.


Your photos or videos needs to be professionally designed and with a HIGH QUALITY photos.

Facebook’s job is always to compress and reduce the quality of the photos in order for it to speed up their platform.

That’s why your image needs to in super high quality so that even when Facebook’s reduces its quality it won’t be affected that much.

Along with the quality of the image, your photo needs to be beautify designed.

It needs to grab the attention. Focuses on the product. Excites the viewer to click on it and learn more about your product.

Using Lookalike Audiences In The Wrong Way!

We have seen this mistake hundreds and hundreds of times.

Businesses get traffic to the website, or businesses that have a big following base on their social media profiles.

But their conversion rates are very very low compared to the traffic or their following base!

Yet, they create a lookalike audiences out of people who visit the landing pages, or out of people who follow their profiles.

Hoping to have hit the golden goose that all of the gurus talked about.

“When you use Lookalike that’s when you will start scaling your business”

Well, you need lookalikes based off on correct data! 

You don’t want Facebook to create similar audience to the traffic you get but never converts into purchases!

You need to build a good solid base and you need a certain number of conversion events in order for you to start successfully creating lookalike audiences to market you product.

Otherwise you will just show your ads to the same people who would show interest or visit your website but never purchase your product or service.

Targeting Worldwide In Hopes For Conversions

Desperately targeting worldwide won’t get you any where but down the curve!

Because of the Facebook’s automatic bidding algorithm set to the lowest cost.

Your ads will show to the cheapest countries that has the lowest CMP’s and highest interaction with the ads.

There’s a downside into this… 

The CPM’s are low on these countries for a reason… Low competition for the audiences… But why?

You should keep this rule in your head, low CPM countries will have a very low conversion rate.

People will just see the ads but they won’t be able to purchase your $30 product or service because of the high local currency exchange rate.

Targeting those countries is like throwing money down the drain.

You will get bad traffic to the website which will affect your lookalike audiences…

That’s why you need to stick with the countries who would be able to afford the cost of your product.

Panically Killing Adsets Too Soon

Every adset needs certain time to optimize. 

The adsets need to be left running alone UNTOUCHED for at least 3 days of running.

The obvious reason is because Facebook will be testing several segments within your audience.

Editing or stopping the adset too soon will restart this process before Facebook finds the correct audience for your product. 

And that’s how you throw your money down the drain because of the panic attack.

Believe in the process and give it time to optimize.

The pixel won’t track the conversion event right away, sometimes it takes time before the conversion shows up on the ads manager view, so you would be killing and adset that actually works. 

And you will feel the hunting feeling of regret because of that!


These are the top mistakes we discovered during our work with hundreds of brands that can be easily avoided or fixed in order to get better return on ad spend (ROAS) on your Facebook ad campaigns.

You just made the smartest decision of your life... 

And you don't even know it (yet).

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