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Facebook and Instagram Ads Management Service

We will create a CUSTOM marketing plan to advertise your business on Facebook and Instagram and we will manage it throughout the month.


How It Works

STEP 1: Onboarding Brief

We'll have a chat to fill out your campaign brief together (goals, budget, business info, and more).

STEP 2: Audience & Competitors research

We'll research your audience, competitors, and niche to create a successful social media campaigns.

STEP 3: Action Plan

We'll write an advertising plan for relevant marketing channels, including budget and goals.

STEP 4: Excution

We'll create the creatives for your campaign, including copy, and we will excute the marketing plan however we will need more content from the buyer such as photos and videos of the product or service.

STEP 5: Monthly Report

You will get monthly report to review the results and discuss any further strategies.

Want to increase your ROAS and leads?

(HINT: This Applies to ALL Types of Businesses...)

Creating a successful marketing strategy is a complicated process...

Facebook has worked hard to make the process look simple on the surface, But we can practically guarantee you have no idea what’s available to you that can truly take things to the next level..

So how do you do it?

How do you build a "machine" that will do this:

  • Increases your ROAS...
  • Increase the possibilities paid advertising could have for your business...
  • and that constantly gets you new clients and customers...

Fortunately, that's exactly what we are here to do...

Here's what we do...

Whether you’ve just started your business or you're just trying to scale your business, SocialStatista's Marketing Management Service is your best choice to start or scale your business on facebook and instagram. We use methods from all the best kept marketing secrets to manage and advertise your business. This service truly is an unfair advantage for any business.

Why choose us?

We take a data science approach to Facebook advertising. You will have ads that work. We're using special tools to gain important insights into what converts.

Managing ad accounts with 1M+ monthly ad spend we know best how to read and take the advantage of data.

We create Over +100 Ad campagins per day We know what works the best and we always take advantage of that.

With this service you will hire us to create a truly unique marketing strategy for your business.

Here's What It Costs

Without this Service

  • Spend $5,000 per month. low performing ads!
  • Spend endless hours searching YouTube to DIY.
  • Still miss the most important keys of setting up powerful ads that actually work.
50% OFF!

Monthly Membership

Unlimited Campaign Setups + Growth Plan

$2600 $1200

  • 30 MANAGEMENT DAYS and a maxmium ad spend of $5,000/month!
  • ROAS IMPROVMENT every single month. You're gonna get real good results.
  • DISCOVER and fix rising costs, or low conversions...
  • MORE CUSTOMERS followers and brand awareness
  • AMAZING SUPPORT Our Business Facebook Group (members only) is widely known for its kindness and generosity. Get help and be inspired.
  • 7 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If You're Not Satisfied for Whatever Reason

Secure checkout ahead. ​

With this Service

  • $1,200 to get professional help on DEMAND.
  • We will do the work on your behalf.
  • Custom made marketing plan for your business that's executed by experts along with Facebook's support.

Business Scaling

Want us to manage more ad spend?


  • We will manage ad spend of $10,000 per month and more PLUS...
  • CUSTOM Scaling strategy for the business
  • ROAS IMPROVMENT every single month. You're gonna get real good results.
  • DISCOVER and fix rising costs, broken tech, or low conversions...
  • 24/7 EXPERT HELP You will have the expert help 24/7 by your side.

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Who me? I can fix my ads?

“SOUNDS great! But there’s some problems…”

Many business owners think that they'll need to invest in an expensive website or landing page in order for them to see results from ads.

The Truth: Depending on your type of business you might not even need a website! and even if your business depends on a website, then we will review it and we will see if there's anything that needs improvment
“Sure, I know my marketing might not be the best. But seriously, who has time to learn how fix their marketing?

You will get an easy guide that even a 4th grader will understand on how to fix your campaigns! It takes just 5 minutes to order and get started. After 1 week your business marketing will already be 3x better.
You don’t have to be “creative” or “artistic” to create the ad copy we can show you how to make killer creatives. Ad copy has rules…secrets even…that we know what type of creatives to get pro-quality results.
Ditch the overwhelm of trying to learn marketing on your own via disconnected YouTube tutorials. What so-called gurus on youtube are earnning money through video views, they don't know the ins and outs of managing top-level ad accounts. SocailStatista makes the path forward crystal clear, leading you step-by-step to creating a true and unique marketing strategy for your business.
“Aren't my sales good enough? I mean, is all the effort of ‘better results’ worth it?”

Only you can answer this. And DO NOT FEEL GUILTY if your answer is: “I’m fine with my current results.” If YOU are satisfied with your current business marketing, then just keep going! What matters most is that you keep getting results on daily basis!

ONE HONEST QUESTION that can sometimes help you decide: In 2030, what price would you pay to have 10 year’s worth of ads that were a little bit better? How about 2, 5, 10x better?

IF you’d like to improve the your campaigns, we think there’s a great chance this service is the perfect fit for you!


If you still have questions, email us (support@socialstatista.com)!

It takes between 30 days for your order to be delivered, however, you will be charged at the beginning of your monthly subscription.
We will be requesting an advertiser access to your ad account and to your Facebook page, we will not ask for your profile password or username.

An advertiser access doesn't allow us to take full control over your assets which means it's totally safe and you can remove us anytime you want. You will be the admin of the assets.
For the Campaign setup service+ and Consultant service+ All communication goes through email using your order's number

For the Monthly ads management service, communication will be through Zoom, Whatsapp or Skype.
YES, we can work with any real estate or lead generation based business!
Yes, we can review and show you how to optmize your campaigns to get results as cheap as $1 cost per lead, depending on your niche.
We can work on any type of niche as long as it's not against Facebook's policy or restricted by that, and we have the right to refund and refuse any type of work that violates our terms of service.
For the Consutlant service you can add to cart the service and continue to the checkout and we will start working on your order right away, reach out via our website chat to learn more.
Of course. If you are not satisfied with the service provided, we’ll give you a 100% refund in the first 7 days when you choose either the Campaign launch service or the monthly payment option.

Join 1,000+ Happy Businessowners!

Online Businesses

“I spent the last 2 years advertising on facebook and I have struggled to understand how to advertise my business correctly and how to create campaigns that are constantly working. With Campaign Review+ i've got so much new leverage and inspiration for my new campaigns.”

-Rob Miller

Local Businesses

“Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. they answered and discussed all my problems and they went over and beyond helping my business ads on facebook and gave me more advice than what I expect. Thank you for your service. Highly recommend.”

-Janet Jones


"We were just doing ad campaigns without planning, and not understanding how it's affecting the performance of our campaigns. I never knew that there's so much needed for the campaign to be this successful, THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

-Andrew Paul