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Campaign Launch+

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Are you interested in having an expert setting up your ad campaign and optimizing it for conversion? Are you interested in getting more leads, traffic, and customers to your business? You're in the right place! We see what other marketers can't, We study the customers better than anyone, and that's why we create personalized, laser-targeted ad campaigns and we measure the impact of your business, all along the customer journey.

  • Get Laser Targeted Ad Campaigns For Your Product/Service
  • Highly engaging ad copy that will get people to take action
  • Stop wasting your budget targeting the wrong audience
  • Increase your followers
  • Get your ads to stand out from your competition

Hire an Expert Today

SocialStatista will assign an expert to setup and launch your next campaign and optimize it for success, stop wasting time and money on poor performing ad campaigns, Take Action Now.

We See what other marketers can’t

We study your customers better than anyone, before you’ve even met them. We take a data science approach to Facebook advertising. You will have ads that work .We're using special tools to gain important insights into what converts. We will help analyze and determine customer lifetime value and establish target customer acquisition costs to help you better determine your business objectives.

Managing ad accounts with 1M+ monthly ad spend we know best how to read and take the advantage of data.

We create Over +100 Ad campagins per day We know what works the best and we always take advantage of that.

You get more ways to reach customers, with this service you will get highly targeted audiences.

“SocialStatista helped us take our business to the next level. They were able to create a number of tests and ads to give us further insight into our Facebook account, and scale our business all along the way.”

- Shelly Boyd


Let experts do the work, managing thousands of ad accounts for clients makes us the best in this business. We use TOP-SECRET Marketing stratgies to get these results.


Unify customer experience—and yours. Hire us to create a powerful and compelling ad campaigns that can work for months bringing you clients, sales and super loyal-fans. We KNOW the secret ingredients for making such campaigns and we can apply it to your own ad account.

Get Your Campaign Setup+


  • 1 on 1 Strategy Consultations
  • Full Service Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Campaign creation using latest customer acquisitions
  • Determning campaign goals for business
  • Setting Data-points plan for the campaign
  • High engaging copy creation for your product/service
  • Multiuple laser targeted audiences research
  • Return on Ad Spend Tracking
  • Delivery of the campaign in 3 days

This Service is Perfect For

Online Businesses

“I spent the last 2 years advertising on facebook and I have struggled to understand how to advertise my business correctly and how to create campaigns that are constantly working. With Campaign Review+ i've got so much new leverage and inspiration for my new campaigns.”

-Rob Miller

Local Businesses

“Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. they answered and discussed all my problems and they went over and beyond helping my business ads on facebook and gave me more advice than what I expect. Thank you for your service. Highly recommend.”

-Janet Jones


"We were just doing ad campaigns without planning, and not understanding how it's affecting the performance of our campaigns. I never knew that there's so much needed for the campaign to be this successful, THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

-Andrew Paul